Friday, 26 March 2004

Bits and bobs
Oh, yes - I told you I'd tell you about the interview. But I won't go into detail because (a) you don't know me or care, and (b) I've already described it in detail to Mum & Dad.

It went okay. I should get a call soon about getting a trial shift thingy.

On another matter... here's a couple o' pictures o' my luvly jubly haematite runes. I've been reading a wee beginner's book about runes, and they're fascinating. I've read a lot of it before but I might like to try and use the information this time. I mean in an active, learning sense.



Edit: I shouldn't speak so hastily. Sometimes an uncommon sort of stranger stops by to tell me they do care.

Second Edit: Hey, this is fun. The thought occurs that I could make this more of a photo blog as well as a blather blog.

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