Saturday, 6 March 2004

Amusing Anecdote.
There was once a penguin in Dad's folks' coalbox! Heeheehee! He can't believe he never told us before. Neither can I.

Apparently someone had found a wee blue penguin with a broken leg and taken it home to nurse it. Once the little guy was healed, he took the initiative to venture outside and back towards the sea. Following the stream bordering its rescuer's backyard, he toddled down it only to (perhaps) get tired along the way, and take shelter for a night in the Mulholland family's coalbox. Little did he know that the next morning was Saturday, the day of tidying up the yard, and several people young and old were making hubbub outside his refuge. He was found, and photos were taken. (Will post them here when they are dredged up from wherever they lie in our many boxes of stuff.) Mr. Penguin was brought inside, and no sooner than a map of the city was spread on the floor, he was heading for the ocean-blue corner of the paper and plonking himself down. Of course the family decided to return him to the sea. They piled into the car and headed eastwards. Even before the sea could be seen or smelt by human senses, he was perking up and sniffing wildly, and when the beach was reached and his flippers touched the wet sand, he waddled wildly and happily toward the vast blue yonder. ^_^

As Mum said, "Nothing so interesting ever happened in our house!"

~ posted by Anna @ 8:00 PM