Monday, 16 February 2004

Weathering the weather.
'Tis as stormy as it's been since 1965, I think that's what they said, and there's talk of it being a 'fifty to one hundred year event'. I happened to stay up until the wee hours this morning reading, and so for once I did hear the rain pouring and splattering steadily down and slapping at the windows... though I think it would have been strong enough even for me to have heard it through my sleep if I had been asnooze. This morning there are many many floods and roads being closed, bridges and trees being washed away and people being told to stay home, and also evacuations. Yesterday Mum and Dad were down in Lower Hutt while Nana & Pa's garage door was partially stripped of its planks by severe gusts of wind, one of which momentarily knocked our power off. Talks over lunch of our need for some first aid training, as well as emergency supplies and equipment. I hope we get no more power cuts here. They've just gone down there again to make sure all's well with the folks. I'm sitting in my room not only wrapped in a jersey but with my pashmina around my shoulders and a steaming cup of Dilmah tea beside me. Sam got tired of fighting Jinny (or rather being attacked by Jinny) over the heater we've put in the lounge, and he's now in my bed. Roux departed same bed when his brother arrived and has taken the tasks of alternately being attacked for the heater and sitting around looking cold and mopey. Poor wee critters, this is not the weather that favours 'em.

One more mile to go before I sleep - a last photo gallery to polish in Earthenwords. Oh, but then I was going to add recipes to the goodies page. Okay, two miles. Here goes.

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