Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Drunkie thoughts.
Uhhhhh. I had so many thoughts a moment ago, but now they're eluding me.

I think my wine tolerance has once again dropped to a reasonable level. Either that, or I'm just having a good evening... but I hope it's the former. o_O One of my eyes is blurry, not the other. Huh, much like the way I cry at movies... good moving things mean my right eye weeps, and especially fantabulously moving things make the left eye go as well. Like the bag dancing in the wind; and the tired unloved suburban mother, the goddess misused. Oh oh...

Oh oh! the sweetest Roux has called out to me in his sweet voice to be let in my closed door. "Mrrow rrowwl!!" Oh, ah, and now the sweet Sammy has arrived and the damp-happy Roux has runn off inn a huff. Thar's nowt as jealous as cats.

Dreams last night of monstrous moving masonry, giant eagle and turtle, floods and drowning and supplication, deserts and tribes and hiding and fighting. Hmmmm, want to watch Star Wars but cannot.

Must get a glass of cold water now.

Eye'm dripping all over from shower, and the cats is contrarily enjoying the rain outside too.

Blinkety blinkety.

~ posted by Anna @ 9:51 PM