Saturday, 14 February 2004

Bad Dream
I dreamed of being in a bad house, where outside there was an angry ghost trying to get in. He smashed a window and grabbed at Mum. I called down the hall for help but nobody was willing. Eventually the ghost gained entrance to the house, and by this time my friends were all gone. Just me, ghostie, and some bad human who wanted ghostie to harm me, and wanted to watch. Then ghost man began to try and convince me to trade places with him, i.e. me become a ghost and he become a mortal, for some evil greedy impulse of his own. I couldn't seem to resist his wishes much though I wanted to, so after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I did the necessary act of bloodletting and sliced open my left arm with the tip of a broken bottle. And pretty much all-of-a-sudden, I was a ghost! The bad people let me leave the bad house, having gotten what they wanted. I walked out (through?) the front door, and into the freshly fallen snow in bare feet, not feeling a thing. A cat squalled and hissed at me as I approached her. This all sucked pretty badly, but then I discovered that none of the people at home believed that I was a ghost, even Mum, though she had seen nasty ghostie man. Granted, my case was weakened somewhat by the fact that I soon began to regain my corporeality. Perhaps the power of friends' disbelief actualy helped me. And anyway, strangers now noticed me and said I'd never looked better... heh...

I did dream of other things, but most of them flee from memory. I think I got lost in an airport, but that's nothing new. And I was in a museum, nice place. La la la... Ehhh. Well, the ghostie dream was the only dream in a long while from which I woke up part-way through, rather scared, and then fell back to sleep only to have the same dream continue. Dagnabbit. But hey, at least I noticed at least one interesting dream. That doesn't happen often enough.

~ posted by Anna @ 8:47 AM