Sunday, 11 January 2004

Studying CV writing and my brain is full, so I'll offload an amusing anecdote from the other day. It went something like this...

   My grandfather, an octogenarian, is out with us visiting my great aunt whose old old friend is staying for a few days. Pa's surprising himself with how much he recalls of old times, because his short-term memory is becoming more and more nonexistent.
   At one point in the conversation he turns to friend Wanda and says, "I think I how it is I remember you so well. Not by your looks but your actions."
   "Well," she says, laughing, "I'm an actress! ... Someone once told me, 'You don't speak through your eyes.' I must speak with my hands."
   She thinks for a moment, then continues. "My daughter Jane once worked in an old folks' home, where there was a man who at the time hadn't spoken for several weeks. Jane decided to introduce herself, so she went over and said clearly, 'Hello. I'm Jane!' But there was no reply. The next day she went in to him and said again, 'Hello, I'm Jane.' And after the third time he responded with 'I'm... Tarzan.'"
   Which just goes to show: you can never tell what is stored in our minds, and what links will trigger those memories. ^_^

~ posted by Anna @ 2:17 PM