Wednesday, 3 December 2003

Good Things:
I've settled down somewhat with the routine of a Spartan household, and don't even mind vacuuming it, washing our few dishes by hand, making meals with limited supplies, and sleeping in a different bed. Yeah, I actually have a bed! Albeit a single one with a sponge mattress, but a bed nonetheless. Although I would o' found sleeping on an airbed fun (like camping), the bed is better than an airbed inflated by mouth because we don't have a pump.

The cats have settled down as much as they can and are grooving with the fact that there's some decent places for them to snooze, as well as lots of space for running around like loons, and great acoustics for mrowling.

Honing the system of my site's image galleries.

Bad Things:
Am currently re-editing the several files I just edited, having thought they were the appropriate copies, getting them back to their former state. Although the thought now occurs that I should just download them or take 'em out of the backup I made yesterday. Huh.

No more Farscape. No more Buffy. :(

I think it's a bit of a pisser that I never see myself in the 'newly updated blogs' list (on the Blogger homepage). I don't even know when it would show up. I assume this is because I am (and thus my blog is) in a different time zone.

That's all I can think of for now.

~ posted by Anna @ 4:37 PM