Saturday, 29 November 2003

So here I go, trying this Saturday Scruples thing:

1. At the local grocer, you see an elderly woman shoplift bacon. Do you tell the grocer?

Naw, I think I'd probably quietly confront the woman about it. Who knows why folks do desperate things sometimes. Mebbe she's just a nasty, but I'd wanna know before I told on her.

2. Your century old church is an architectural treasure but the congregation is declining. Developers offer $20 million and a sanctuary in the office tower they want to build. Do you accept?

Nope. I may not be Christian but I respect their holy places, especially when they're old and beautiful. I kinda wish pagans had some equally lovely temples...

3. A co-worker needs to leave early and asks you to punch her time card when you leave. Do you do it?

Yep. Do unto others, etc.

~ posted by Anna @ 1:07 PM