Monday, 24 November 2003

I have cramps, and a frequent need to evacuate retained fluids, but there's a Roux on my lap so I'm okay.

Crichton the Hairy is adorable and pitiable. Crichton the Hairless is snobby and creepy. Funnily enough they both have REALLY BIG TEETH. Animal... Human... Logic. They all need each other. All the members of Moya were cute and curious in each others' bodies. ^_^ Oh, and sub-Pilot camera is not good.

On another note. Goddess please let Jinny be all right. Let all of us be all right. Let us get through this transitional time with health, happiness, humanity and harmony intact.

Cats are our harshest critics. They look at you until you begin to doubt yourself, and then - and only then - do they smile. Samwise is in "meatloaf mode". (Ah ha ha ha!!.....)

~ posted by Anna @ 10:26 PM