Thursday, 27 November 2003

Arrrgh, why am I always so restless with my web design? Not more than a week ago that I got my new layouts to a standard that pleased (and surprised) me, and now I'm looking at other people site's and asking "Why don't I do that, or mebbe this... or even that! Them's really neat tricks.
But I must stop somewhere, at least for a while! One cannot have a constantly upgraded and updated website design. Even adding little things to my blog takes wee bits of effort, and I end up feeling sort of unfinished, like there's a bigger job waiting to carry me off, and I really shouldn't go there.
That's the dangerous thing, I guess, with surfing too much: one sees all these fun things that one can do on a site, and one's focus begins to.... fray. But it's not a dispersion of energy - one feels the need to follow each trailing thread, as if it didn't have an END, really, but would keep on transporting one further... Mehhh, gotta stop. Just gotta.

~ posted by Anna @ 5:14 PM