Friday, 7 November 2003

Are you weary as water in a faucet left dripping?
With an incessant sadness like a sad record skipping
And an ugly and ornery and shadowy dread
Lurking like a troll under the bridge between your heart and your head

She came to and her whole life was how she remembered it
She had a mouth full of fur and she was laughing
She parked her hearse across three spaces posted 'Motorcycles only'
And jumped out shouting, "What the cuss could make a nice girl like us feel so lonely?"

Heeeyy now.... those lyrics could almost be about a newly risen vamp.
Hehe, yeah, I'm obsessed, so sue me. If the song's supposed to make sense, I don't really see what else it could mean! :D

~ posted by Anna @ 9:43 AM