Tuesday, 4 November 2003

Aha, brainwave! or, eureka!... or something. I've realised... I understand it now. My relationship with things that obsess me... perhaps the reason I don't feel the need to turn such obsession toward fellow humans. I fall in love with books, and films, and music, and the occasional TV series. I've heard people describe being in love, where songs on the radio (and just about anything else) suddenly make fresh sense, and remind you of your beloved. I see now such symptoms in myself, only it's an equally intense mental and emotional attraction towards fiction and film. The characters, the places they take me, the poetry in song, and so forth. Though book-love tends to be most enthralling... after all, a girl's gotta have standards. >:P It's such a good feeling when that emotion takes me over, spilling out as tears or other physical-emotional overflows. And even more divine when the obsession channels through me and is transmuted as poetry.

So yeah. It's good to have these wee insights into my nature, once in a while. Certainly never happens through concentration or study. I am a book written in a code which I don't understand.

~ posted by Anna @ 3:50 PM