Thursday, 23 October 2003

Things that are pleasing me:
  New jeans which fit wonderfully
  Spring growth, fine details
  Photographing sequential shots of apple blossom - on the young apple tree I, myself, grafted into life last year ;P
  Creating a thoroughly successful new table layout and design for Earthenwords (and this blog too will have its very own)
  Truly springful weather (although the temperature getting hotter daily could slow down a bit, if I had a say in matters of weather
  Eating less; finding out that I can easily eat less; almost enjoying the feelings of hunger before I eat
  Yummy AND healthy food. There's lots to choose from, believe me! (Ha, you never listen to me.) Hurray for vegetables!
  Having a blog! I missed this - I never did cancel my livejournal, but anyway this is better - a place to cram my extra thoughts... an online pensieve?!

~ posted by Anna @ 1:31 PM