Wednesday, 15 October 2003

Kitty just got stung by a bee. She simply can't help herself: insects are fascinating targets for her young hunting instincts. Or, so she thinks. She doesn't know they dangerous. I hope she understands now. Thank goodness it only stung the outside of her nose, not inside her mouth, or she could be in dire straits.

But this puts me in mind of bees again... the hive mind or spirit is a curious thing (even to my vague, assumed understanding of it, ha..). I've always guessed that a bee stings not for self-preservation, since they subsequently die, but as a kind of revenge. But now I wonder if it has more to do with the group spirit of their hive. I mean, it could be that they try, in the act of stinging, to protect their.. er.. brethren by teaching creatures not to hunt bees, inflicting just enough pain to effect the lesson. It seems probable that they only feel themselves as an extension or particle of a larger entity, and thus could not in fact be motivated to sting for revenge.

Blah, blah... oh, how I wish for better eloquence. But there you have it; a new thought for the day.
Bye for now. :P

~ posted by Anna @ 12:03 PM