Saturday, 18 October 2003

Ahh! hurray, hurrah! Guess what I dreamed of last night? Eh?
Hehehe! I flew on a dragon! An adorable, Ruth-sized, beautiful, vividly flame-coloured dragon, who transported me to and from a rather Hogwarts-like school. How excellent is that? I dreamed of playing outside as a means of skipping a certain greasy-haired professor's classes at said school, too. >:) ;P

News in the land of the wakeful is that we're up to our ears in DVD box-sets of most fantastic television serieses. Something like 32 hours of Farscape, of which we watched three episodes last night and which was better and more thrilling sci-fi than I had remembered... Plus I got email notification that two seasons of Buffy were dispatched last night from Oz. Sweeeeeet.

Oh, and I drove a car (for the first time) yesterday. Yay me. :P

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